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Related article: stakes did all that was asked of them ; whilst the dual winner, a liver -and -white cocker, far re- moved from show type in appeal - ance, astonished visitors by her 146 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [Februaey perfect quartering, retrieving and covert work. Her owner, who also bred her, is Mr. Isaac Sharpe, of Humshaugh-on-Tyne, one of the best all-round shots in the country, whilst as a handler and breaker of sporting dogs he Isoniazid Tablets is perhaps without a rival. Of late years he has been very successful with pointers, setters, and re- trievers, but this is his first essay with a spaniel, and the way in which Stylish Pride worked at the Chesterfield Trials proved the excellence of her handler's method of breaking. Such staunch ad- mirers of the working type of sporting dog as Lord Alfred Fitzroy and Mr. Purcell Llewellin, expressed their astonishment at a spaniel quartering the ground, retrieving, and standing to gun- shot and the hand in the way the Northumbrian bitch did, and if the Sporting Spaniel Club, by means of the trials, can induce other owners to support the scheme, the club will not have been Purchase Isoniazid formed in vain. Its avowed object, •* to recall attention to the working points of spaniels, which have been neglected in favour of fancy points," appeals to all who keep dogs for work rather than for show purposes, and with a membership of close on sixty there is every reason to believe that, in time, its annual field trials will be looked upon as one of the most important events on the doggy calendar. It is, however, ques- tionable if so suitable an estate as Sutton Scarsdale can be ob- tained elsewhere. Mr. Arkwright, Buy Isoniazid — who is, by the way, president of the club — placed his fine park of three hundred acres, and covert of underwood of similar extent, at the disposal of the committee, and every possible test, except retriev- ing from water, was given. An- other year it is hoped to include this test in the trials, and also have a brace or team competition. An estate has already been offered for the second trials. Isoniazid Price The Billiard ChampioiiBhip— C. Dawson t. J. North.— It can- not but be gratifying to the Billiard Association to find that their latest Rules of Billiards, which came into force on Oc- tober 1st, 1898, are now gene- rally accepted as authoritative by all whose opinion carries weight. Whatever exception may have been taken to its constitution and status y or, on occasion, to its ac- tion, the Association has, beyond question, always had the best interests of billiards at heart. One most important question the Bil- liard Association has long endea- voured to settle satisfactorily, w-., the vexed one of the Champion- ship, and at last that body may be heartily congratulated on hav- ing triumphantly overcome diffi- culties in this connection which for long seemed utterly insuperable. On February 3rd, 1890 (to quote the date engraved on the actual trophy, not that given in Bennett's ** Billiards "), the origi- nal Cup, given in 1870 for the Championship, became, by ef- fluxion of time, the absolute pro- perty of John Roberts, Order Isoniazid Online w^ho had held it uninterruptedly for a term of five years, and it then became desirable that fresh regulations should be drawn up to govern championship contests. There had always existed in billiard circles a feeling more or less an- tagonistic to the ** championship table," with its three-inch pockets and other variations from the ordinary table, and about this time this feeling became inten^- fied. It was felt Purchase Isoniazid Online to be an anomaly that the Championship of Billiards should be decided on a table sel- dom or never used at any other time, and not on one of ordinarv' make. Still the remedy for this "899.] " OUR VAN. It 147 unsatisfactory state of things was difficult to find, and the Billiard Association, in instituting their All-in and Spot -barred-Champion- ships on an ordinary "standard" table, Buy Isoniazid Online took the only course that appeared open to them. It was felt, however, that these cham- pionships somehow failed to meet the case, and they never aroused much public enthusiasm ; indeed, it is doubtful whether even the promoters of them ever regarded them as being much more than a pis alley. Under the then exist- ing conditions, John Roberts had probably some show of right on his side in claiming that the old Championship Rules had never Buy Cheap Isoniazid been authoritatively abrogated or altered. Very different is the case to-day. The revised Isoniazid Mg rules of the Billiard Association have given us oiu game of English billiards in which no legitimate stroke is barred, and the billiard world has cause to be thankful. In some authoritative quarters the first feeling, on the appearance of the new Rules, was the not unnatural one of indig- nation that a genuine and time- honoured stroke like the ** spot- stroke " was being summarily abolished. This feeling has pro- bably already been tempered by a Order Isoniazid grateful sense of satisfaction that the complications, which have for a quarter of a century surrounded the vexed question of the Cham- pionship, have for ever been swept away. We have now one game, one Championship, of English Bil- liards, the abnormal *• champion- ship table" is a thing of the past, and the futile, ever-recurring arguments as to what constitutes English Billiards will be heard no more. Not less satisfactory than the Rules of Billiards recently passed by the Billiard Association are the conditions, drawn up by that body, which will henceforth govern all contests for the Championship. The title of ** Champion '* is, in future, to carry with it the income of ;^ioo per annum t a laudable acknowledgment of the dignity of the holder's position, and this sum is guaranteed for three years. For the initial contest for the Championship of English Billiards (open to the world) three players, Charles Dawson, William Mit- chell, and John North had entered, each stakmg the sum of ;^2o Isoniazid Cost to form a sweepstakes, but Mitchell,